Rugby Western Relief Road (RWRR)

The Rugby Western Relief Road (RWRR) was built to relieve traffic congestion in and around Rugby.

On-going residential and industrial development in the town over the next few years, particularly to the west and north of the town centre, will mean further traffic coming into and out of the town and the relief road is needed to respond to the ever growing demands on the road network.

The road will also help to mitigate environmental damage from effects such as noise and air pollution as well as creating better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and will help reduce the number of accidents.

The £36.6 million scheme included a £17.08 million contribution from the Department for Transport as well as contributions from developers. The contract was awarded to Carillion JM Ltd who started work on site in August 2007 and completed work at the end of 2009.

Reports and Decision Letter

First Report to the Secretary of State for Transport (pdf, 4.7mb)

First interim letter (pdf, 1mb)

Second Report to the Secretary of State for Transport (pdf, 460kb)

Second interim letter (pdf, 1.1mb)

Decision letter (pdf, 1mb)

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Back Lane, Rugby – New Right Turn and Road Widening

Update 23rd May 2013

Back Lane was acompleted 2 weeks late due to problems with utilities however the general public were only told completion by April 2013 which we achieved. There were complaints during the works regarding the traffic management (particularly the extended periods of temporary traffic signals which were required because of the narrow lane). One resident did provide positive verbal feedback on the works saying the work had been carried out to a very high standard and that it was “looking nice”.


Brief description of scheme

The purpose of the Works is generally to provide improved access to Tee Tong Road at the junction with Back Lane by providing a new right turn lane. Back Lane will be widened locally to accommodate the new right turn lane. As a result of the widening there will be a number of utility diversions required during the works to accommodate the widening works.

When will work commence?

Work is due to commence on the 19th November 2012 and is scheduled to last approximately 16 weeks.

What can I expect to see on site?

The area illustrated on the plan provided will look like a typical construction site with workmen, excavators, dumpers, rollers and portacabins. Back Lane will look like a typical roadworks scheme with traffic cones and signs / temporary signals directing the traffic.

Warwickshire County Council are committed to reducing the noise and disruption caused by their construction projects and shall maintain open lines of communication with all affected members of the public during the works.

When will the work be taking place?

When the scheme starts the contractor will be working on site Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm. Occasional weekend working may also be required.

Will the road be closed?

Back Lane we be kept open for all traffic movements with access to residents also kept at all times. There will however be temporary traffic management in the form of two way lights in operation for much of the works.

Contact Us

If you have any technical questions or concerns please contact Warwickshire County Council on;

Telephone: 01926 412095

Or by e-mail at:


General Arrangement plan (pdf, 662kb)

A426 Leicester Road, Rugby Gateway Section 278 works

Update 23rd May 2013

Rugby Gateway was completed 2 weeks late but we were able to remove the traffic management before the Christmas holidays and all the work was completed before the show homes were opened to the public. We have had little comments from the public on this project other than during construction. with very few complaints being received. The junction appears to be working well and the works was complete without detrimental effect on the operations of the ambulance station next door which was a big concern.


Update 15th November 2012

As part of the highway works a road closure is required at the top of Brownsover Lane off the existing roundabout on the A426 Leicester Road.  The road closure is necessary to complete new road construction works. An egress will be provided for ambulances.

The dates for the closure are from Monday 3rd of December to Friday 21″ofDecember 2012.

Access to properties will be off the existing Brownsover Road / Brownsover lane junction which will be altered to a 2 way traffic junction. Also the speed limit on Brownsover Road and Brownsover Lane will be restricted to 30mph to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to call one the following contacts on the scheme :-

Dave Watkins (Fitzgerald Site Manager)               0797021l616l

Stephen Jones (Fitzgereld ContraclS Manager)     07970454184

Craig Turp (Warwickshire County Council)   01926 412535


Brief description of scheme

The purpose of the Works is generally to provide a new access to a housing development from the existing A426 Leicester Road / Brownsover Lane and re-align the Northern section of Brownsover Lane so that it connects to the new road joining the roundabout.

When will work commence?

Work is due to commence on the 8th October 2012 and is scheduled to last approximately 10 weeks.

How much noise will there be?

Whilst work is being carried out the maximum level of noise you should hear would be the same level that you would experience within a noisy bar, and this  should only be for short periods of time.

This will not be a constant noise but will    be on various occasions when mechanical activity will be taking place. Officially the level will be up to about 100 decibels (dB).

Examples of what dB levels are:

  • 70dB is the level of noise from a  busy office, electric shaver or  alarm clock;
  • 90dB is the level of noise from inside a moving bus;
  • 100dB is the level of noise from a busy bar.

Your health and safety is very important to us and we will have control measures in place during the work.



If you have any technical questions or concerns please contact Warwickshire County Council on;

Telephone: 01926 412110

Or by e-mail at:

Small Highway Improvement Schemes (LTP Contract)

No current schemes at present.

Black Path footbridge

Warwickshire County Council are pleased to announce that Black Path Footbridge in Rugby has been reopened on 30th June 2009 following reconstruction of the South Span over Web Ellis Bussiness Park. This is a multispan bridge over the West Coast Main Line and provides a link between Wood Street on the south side and the Web Ellis Industrial Estate on the North.

The project also boasts a new approach ramp which brings this section of the structure up to current standards for inclusion for the mobility impaired. Similar improvements to the North Access to the structure are being progressed by Rugby Borough Council and Sustrains. This will mean that ultimately the whole bridge will be a shared cycle and pedestrian facility.

Black Path bridge demolition work

Demolition work underway on the existing Black Path bridge

Although completion was expected earlier this spring, the main contractor Danaher and Walsh Ltd. and the Bridge Fabricator, Allerton Steel (formerly Allerton Bridges) have been successful in finishing the works inside the budget of £650,000

New bridge deck lift

Night time working as the new bridge is lifted into place.

Night time working as the new bridge is lifted into place

Email Contact:

A426 Corporation Street, Rugby – ASDA Development

Rugby Borough Council granted ASDA, part of the WAL*MART family of companies, planning permission for a new supermarket off Corporation Street, Rugby, next to the Central Surgery. A condition of the permission granted calls for a new signalised traffic junction to allow access to the retail development off the existing dual carriageway. The scheme is being wholly funded by WAL*MART.

Access to the supermarket included widening the existing dual carriageway to provide a left turn lane for vehicles. The highway works are substantially complete but further work is still being carried out on Drury Lane and Warwick Street to improve pedestrian areas.

The works comprised highway drainage, resurfacing, street lighting, road markings and signing. The works also involved a considerable number of underground service diversions, including electricity cables, water mains, sewers, gas mains and telecommunications apparatus.

The original contract was awarded to Wrekin Construction Limited and Phase 1 of the contract was completed on the 22 September 2008. Wrekin Construction Limited were put in to administration in early 2009. Phase 2 of the works were retendered and awarded to Carillion Highway Maintenance Limited who commenced on 11 May 2009 and these works were substantially completed on the 18 June 2009.

Below are drawings indicating the scheme which have been produced by external consultants employed by ASDA. You can view an Acrobat file of the plans by following the links below. The size of the files vary from 219kb up to 1mb and depending on the speed of your connection, may take a while to download.

Corporation Street Phase 1 works (pdf, 232kb)

Corporation Street Phase 2 works (pdf, 219kb)

Minor highway works (pdf, 233kb)

General construction layout (pdf, 1mb)

Temporary pedestrian crossing (pdf, 577kb)

Corporation Street signalised junction (pdf, 685kb)

Bilton Road and Lawford Road signalised junction (pdf, 376kb)

For more information on the project please email or telephone 01926 416822.

A4071 Bilton Road, Rugby New Signalised Junction for Housing Development

Rugby Borough Council granted George Wimpey Homes Limited planning permission for a housing development off Bilton Road, Rugby. A condition of the permission granted required a new signalised traffic junction to allow access to the residential development. The new junction is located on Bilton Road at its existing junction with Buchannan Road. The scheme was wholly funded by George Wimpey Homes.

The works consisted of realigning and widening Bilton Road and constructing a new access road for the housing development. A new length of box culvert was also built to divert the watercourse of Sow Brook under the realigned section of Bilton Road. In addition, the works included an up-grading of the existing traffic signals on Bilton Road at the junction with Lytham Road and May Lane.

It was agreed following public consultation, that no work would be carried out on the residential service road. However, if traffic problems arise, then calming measures on the service road may need to be considered to reduce either traffic flows or the speed of vehicles using it.

The contract was undertaken by Carillion Regional Civil Engineering who have offices at Shawell off the A5 Watling Street near Lutterworth. The road and culvert works commenced on the 21st May 2007, and were completed in October 2008.

Bilton Road scheme layout (pdf, 684kb)

For general enquiries please email or telephone 01926 416822.