Small Highway Improvement Schemes (LTP Contract)

No current schemes at present.


Blackhorse Road / Ironbridge Way – Exhall

Plan of changes to Blackhorse Road and Ironbridge Way

22 October 2010 – Works Completed

Blackhorse Road and Ironbrige Way Complete Blackhorse Road and Ironbrige Way Complete

7 October 2010 – Progress Report

Blackhorse Road Excavation Works  Blackhorse Road view to new junction

Traffic Management – 3 August 2010
The works are to be done using a series of temporary road closures along Ironbridge Way, starting with the section from the junction with Blackhorse Road to Channel Way. A temporary road closure will be in place on Blackhorse Road at the new junction during September to enable service diversions and tie-in works to be carried out. Accesses to all properties and businesses will be maintainted at all times during the works however local diversions of traffic will be necessary. All diversion routes are to be clearly signed.

Background – 20 July 2010
The scheme includes the construction of a new priority junction at the Western junction of Ironbridge Way and Blackhorse Road. On Ironbridge Way remedial roadworks are to be carried out. Two pedestrian crossings are to be installed on Ironbridge Way (a Zebra crossing and a Puffin crossing) together with traffic calming measures (raised speed tables). 

The improvement work will start on Monday 2 August and is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete

Blackhorse Road / Ironbridge Way Plan (pdf, 1mb)

Griff Roundabout

A444 Griff works completed ahead of schedule

Warwickshire County Council is pleased to announce the early completion of the £2m A444 Griff Roundabout Signalisation Scheme.

The works will now be complete before Christmas, three weeks earlier than originally scheduled.

The traffic signals themselves were switched-on on Friday 18 December and the final minor elements of the work completed by Wednesday 23 December. 

The county council together with their contractor, Carillion Highways Maintenance, have worked hard to complete the scheme ahead of schedule since work re-commenced on the roundabout in August 2009.

A great deal of the work has been carried out at night to keep disruption to a minimum and Carillion has also brought in additional resources to ensure the scheme would be ready by Christmas.

The completed scheme is expected to not only to improve safety at the roundabout but will provide additional facilities for both cyclists and pedestrians at this busy junction.

Cllr Alan Cockburn, Portfolio Holder for the Environment with Warwickshire County Council said: “I am delighted that this important project has now been completed. It will greatly improve safety for all road users making sustainable travel a far more viable option in this area.”

New safety barrier footings in reinforced concrete beam, A444-Nuneaton (Northbound)  Laying of surface course material on the departure arm of St Georges Way  New concrete kerbs on the B4113 Coventry Road, Bedworth (Southbound)  Laying St Georges Way Traffic Signal And Street Lighting Ducts  Laying of binder course material to southbound carriageway   New Footway Cycleway Construction - B4113 Coventry Road (Bedworth)

TESCO – Bedworth

Update: 18th January 2012

Warwickshire County Council are please to announce that the roadwork’s for the new Tesco superstore in Bedworth were finished in time to allow the store to open on 5th December as advertised.

WCC worked hard with the contractor, Fitzgerald, to ensure all the various elements were in place.

Upon the store opening, George Street Ringway was fully opened for 2-way traffic to allow access to the store from east or west directions. Sleath’s Yard also now connects the new Tesco store and surrounding businesses with the Town Centre and AllSaints Square.

There are two vehicular entrances to the store; the main access is off the new roundabout on George Street Ringway, the other offMill streetis for deliveries, residents and taxis only.

Pedestrian access has been considered greatly here also due to the close town and residential proximity. There are several access points alongMill street,Leicester streetand George Street Ringway.

Pedestrian routes around the area have been greatly improved with the new junction layout, giving pedestrian priority and additional crossing points throughout. Guard rails have been put in place to ensure pedestrian safety and footways widened for ease of walking.

Engineers are aware of some traffic congestion due to a combination of the new signals and residents getting used to the new road layout and are making minor changes to improve the situation.


Update: 29th July 2011

Fitzgerald Contractors Ltd have been appointed to carry out the £900,000 scheme which is expected to be complete so that the store can open at the end of November.

The work will involve the construction of a new traffic signal atPark Road/Newtown Road/George StreetRingway/Mill Streetjunction, improvements to George Street Ringway to enable two-way traffic and access to Tesco and changing the priority of George Street Ringway/Leicester Street Junction. The works also include public realm improvements onMill Street,Leicester Streetand Sleath’s Yard.

Unfortunately some disruption and delays will be unavoidable and there will be various temporary road closures and diversions to facilitate the works. The Contractor will endeavour, however, to keep delays and disruption to a minimum.

Highway works layout (pdf, 354kb)

Update: 6th July 2011

The roadworks associated with the new Tesco Store in Bedworth are expected to commence shortly.

The proposal includes the construction of a new traffic signal junction at the Mill Street/Newtown Road/Park Road /Mill Street junction, a new Roundabout access to the Tesco site and amendments to the George Street/Leicester Street Junction.

Some off highway works has been carried out by Tesco in advance of the roadworks contract. Service diversions are also set to commence shortly in preparation for the roadworks and new store.

It is hoped that the works can be completed by the end of November 2011 in time for the opening of the new store.

Proposed site layout (pdf, 1.4mb)

A temporary road closure on Park Road will be required for a period of time to enable service diversion work for the new traffic signal junction to be carried out. Traffic diversions will be in place during the closure. Exact details have not yet been confirmed however further information will be provided as it becomes available.

It is also likely that eastbound buses on Mill Street will be re-routed onto the George Street Ringway for the duration of the works to enable road construction work. Bus companies will be providing public information regarding the diversions and changes to bus schedules / stops etc.

New statutory service supplies are also required for the new store and there will inevitably be some disruption to road users.  Warwickshire County Council and Fitzgerald Contractors will endeavour to restrict the disruption to a minimum throughout the works.

For further information on the project please email or telephone 01926 476822.

Nuneaton Development Project Phase 3 – Improvements to Roanne Ringway

This was a Major Project funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) with a contribution from Warwickshire County Council.

The works involved widening both sides of A444 Roanne Ringway to create two lanes anti-clockwise from Corporation Street Roundabout to the signalised junction with Queens Road. This will allow buses and other traffic to pass queuing right turning traffic waiting to turn into Queens Road. A bus gate was introduced at the end of Upper Abbey Street for inbound buses controlled by the bus activating a pedestrian signal on Roanne Ringway / Abbey Street which will stop traffic on the ring-road allowing the bus to turn left. The bus gate exit was monitored after opening and found to being abused by a minority of road users even thought it is clearly signed as ‘no entry’ and ‘bus only’. To deter this misuse which is against the law, a red light camera has been installed and offenders using the bus gate will be fined. All fines go to central government and not Warwickshire County Council.

Stagecoach have been granted permission to revise services to use Abbey Street and the bus gate which will commence on the 23rd February 2009. Other authorised community service providers are also able to use this facility.

A combined cycleway / footway was created from the Harefield Road Roundabout on Newtown Road to Corporation Street Roundabout, Coton Road Roundabout on to Church Street Roundabout with appropriate modifications to existing signal equipment and installation of new traffic signals to cater for cyclists and pedestrians movements. Lengths of the cycleway / footway have already been constructed in earlier Phases of the development project or by private developers which have been formally signed and extended around this part of the ring-road. Bus priority has been introduced at the Queens Road junction. Provision of cycle stands at various locations around the town centre were also part of the works.

Details of the Phase 3 project (pdf, 2.8mb)

Detailed plan of the improvements to Roanne Ringway (pdf, 1.2mb)

The scheme was approved by Nuneaton and Bedworth Area Committee at its meeting on the 28th March 2007 and has also been confirmed by Cabinet on the 7th June 2007. The works were carried out by Carillion Highway Maintenance Limited. The scheme was substantially completed in July 2008

For more information please email Highway Design Feedback or telephone 01926 416822.

Midland Quarry


A shallow void at Nuneaton Quarry has been infilled with a 35m high reinforced (12 storey high) earth retaining wall at Tuttle Hill in Nuneaton. The works started in June 2007 and were completed in 14 months involving some four million cubic meters of earthworks at a cost of about £5.5m. The water body in the main void should create an attractive feature for the development at this site.

Midland Quarry begins to take shape

Retaining wall under construction

This is a sustainable solution to two derelict sites in Nuneaton and Rugby as well as a great environmental improvement of the two areas of the County. Stockpiled foundry waste at Willans Green in Rugby and Tuttle Hill in Nuneaton were processed and re-used as infill at Nuneaton Quarry thus regenerating two redundant sites for modern residential and industrial development.

Midland Quarry retaining wall

The completed retaining wall.