A429 Ettington Road, Wellesbourne Section 278 Roundabout Works

Brief  description of scheme

The purpose of the Works is generally to provide access to a housing development from the A429 Ettington Road by constructing a new roundabout on the A429.

When will work commence?

Work is due to commence on the 22nd July 2013 and is scheduled to last approximately 14 weeks.

How much noise will there be?

Whilst work is being carried out the maximum level of  noise you should hear would be the same level that you would experience within a noisy bar, and this should only be for short periods of time.

This will not be a constant noise but will be on various occasions when mechanical activity will be taking place. Officially the level will be up to about 100 decibels (dB)

Examples  of what dB levels are:

70dB is the level of noise from a busy office, electric shaver or alarm clock.
90dB is the level of noise from inside a moving bus.
100dB is the level of noise from a busy bar.
Your health and saftey is very important to us and we will have control measures in place during the work

Contact us

If you have any technical questions or concerns please contact Warwickshire County Council on:

Telephone: 01926 418616

or by e-mail at:


General_Arrangement  (pdf, 601kb)

Ettington Road Public Notice Letter (pdf, 882kb)



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