Rugby Western Relief Road (RWRR)

The Rugby Western Relief Road (RWRR) was built to relieve traffic congestion in and around Rugby.

On-going residential and industrial development in the town over the next few years, particularly to the west and north of the town centre, will mean further traffic coming into and out of the town and the relief road is needed to respond to the ever growing demands on the road network.

The road will also help to mitigate environmental damage from effects such as noise and air pollution as well as creating better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and will help reduce the number of accidents.

The £36.6 million scheme included a £17.08 million contribution from the Department for Transport as well as contributions from developers. The contract was awarded to Carillion JM Ltd who started work on site in August 2007 and completed work at the end of 2009.

Reports and Decision Letter

First Report to the Secretary of State for Transport (pdf, 4.7mb)

First interim letter (pdf, 1mb)

Second Report to the Secretary of State for Transport (pdf, 460kb)

Second interim letter (pdf, 1.1mb)

Decision letter (pdf, 1mb)

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