A426 Leicester Road, Rugby Gateway Section 278 works

Update 23rd May 2013

Rugby Gateway was completed 2 weeks late but we were able to remove the traffic management before the Christmas holidays and all the work was completed before the show homes were opened to the public. We have had little comments from the public on this project other than during construction. with very few complaints being received. The junction appears to be working well and the works was complete without detrimental effect on the operations of the ambulance station next door which was a big concern.


Update 15th November 2012

As part of the highway works a road closure is required at the top of Brownsover Lane off the existing roundabout on the A426 Leicester Road.  The road closure is necessary to complete new road construction works. An egress will be provided for ambulances.

The dates for the closure are from Monday 3rd of December to Friday 21″ofDecember 2012.

Access to properties will be off the existing Brownsover Road / Brownsover lane junction which will be altered to a 2 way traffic junction. Also the speed limit on Brownsover Road and Brownsover Lane will be restricted to 30mph to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to call one the following contacts on the scheme :-

Dave Watkins (Fitzgerald Site Manager)               0797021l616l

Stephen Jones (Fitzgereld ContraclS Manager)     07970454184

Craig Turp (Warwickshire County Council)   01926 412535


Brief description of scheme

The purpose of the Works is generally to provide a new access to a housing development from the existing A426 Leicester Road / Brownsover Lane and re-align the Northern section of Brownsover Lane so that it connects to the new road joining the roundabout.

When will work commence?

Work is due to commence on the 8th October 2012 and is scheduled to last approximately 10 weeks.

How much noise will there be?

Whilst work is being carried out the maximum level of noise you should hear would be the same level that you would experience within a noisy bar, and this  should only be for short periods of time.

This will not be a constant noise but will    be on various occasions when mechanical activity will be taking place. Officially the level will be up to about 100 decibels (dB).

Examples of what dB levels are:

  • 70dB is the level of noise from a  busy office, electric shaver or  alarm clock;
  • 90dB is the level of noise from inside a moving bus;
  • 100dB is the level of noise from a busy bar.

Your health and safety is very important to us and we will have control measures in place during the work.



If you have any technical questions or concerns please contact Warwickshire County Council on;

Telephone: 01926 412110

Or by e-mail at: highwaydesign@warwickshire.gov.uk


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