Leamington Urban Mixed Priority scheme (LUMP)

The Leamington Urban Mixed Priority scheme is the result of lengthy consultation with residents, traders and other key stakeholders in Leamington to find the best solution for the town centre. The scheme was partly funded by Central Government and is part of a national initiative intended to make town centres safer for people walking and cycling.

The scheme that covered The Parade, Victoria Terrace, Bath Street and Clarendon Avenue involved widening footways, raised platforms at pedestrian crossing points, updating traffic signals, installing new signals at the junction of the Parade and Clarendon Avenue, reducing street furniture and road signs, and creating a 20 mph speed limit for vehicles.

At the same time, the roads were resurfaced and the footways were repaved. The street lighting system and communal seating was also renewed.

The aim was to create a safe and pleasant environment for shoppers, which we feel has been achieved.

Feedback from stakeholders to the completed works has been very positive, although problems had arisen with the modular paving which was trafficked and damaged by vehicles parking illegally when making deliveries to retail premises. This problem ceased with the introduction of decriminalisation of parking in Leamington. Initial feedback has also shown that accident figures involving pedestrians has not reduced as expected.

Phase 1

In undertaking the works to the Parade very shallow cellars were found which extend out into the Parade, quite often to the kerb line. Although the cellars were known to exist there was no knowledge of the shallow depth or the condition of some of them.

Previous works on the Parade have also damaged some of the cellars which required immediate repair to make them safe.

Phase 1 commenced in April 2005 and was terminated in November 2005 due to delays in completion as a result of the unforeseen work required to the cellars. This has meant that the final phase of the enhancement work south of the River Leam to the junction with High Street, Phase 2, was postponed until summer 2006.

Phase 2

Works on Phase 2 of Leamington Urban Mixed Priority Project (LUMP) started on the 12th June 2006. The works were carried out during the summer and were on the lower part of the Parade adjacent to Jephson Gardens, Victoria Terrace, Bath Street and Spencer Street in the Leamington Old Town area. They involved widening footways, raising platforms at pedestrian crossing points, updating traffic signals, reducing street furniture and road signs and creating a 20mph speed limit. The works were completed in September 2006.

At the same time, the roads were resurfaced and the footways were repaved. New street lighting and seating has also been installed. Due to the nature of the works within the town centre, Warwickshire County Council, on the advice of the Health and Safety Executive, had to initiate road closures during the construction works to safeguard the publics’ safety.

The 13 week contract was completed one week ahead of programme with the re-opening of Victoria Terrace and Bath Street to public traffic and also return to normal bus services.

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