Blackhorse Road / Ironbridge Way – Exhall

Plan of changes to Blackhorse Road and Ironbridge Way

22 October 2010 – Works Completed

Blackhorse Road and Ironbrige Way Complete Blackhorse Road and Ironbrige Way Complete

7 October 2010 – Progress Report

Blackhorse Road Excavation Works  Blackhorse Road view to new junction

Traffic Management – 3 August 2010
The works are to be done using a series of temporary road closures along Ironbridge Way, starting with the section from the junction with Blackhorse Road to Channel Way. A temporary road closure will be in place on Blackhorse Road at the new junction during September to enable service diversions and tie-in works to be carried out. Accesses to all properties and businesses will be maintainted at all times during the works however local diversions of traffic will be necessary. All diversion routes are to be clearly signed.

Background – 20 July 2010
The scheme includes the construction of a new priority junction at the Western junction of Ironbridge Way and Blackhorse Road. On Ironbridge Way remedial roadworks are to be carried out. Two pedestrian crossings are to be installed on Ironbridge Way (a Zebra crossing and a Puffin crossing) together with traffic calming measures (raised speed tables). 

The improvement work will start on Monday 2 August and is expected to take approximately 12 weeks to complete

Blackhorse Road / Ironbridge Way Plan (pdf, 1mb)


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