Talisman Square, Kenilworth – Retail Development

Warwick District Council as the local Planning Authority granted permission for the development of Talisman Square, Kenilworth for retail development. A condition of the planning approval required alterations to existing roads in the vicinity which was carried by the Highway Authority of Warwickshire County Council. The required highway works were wholly funded by the developer.

The works consisted of the provision of a new access to the Waitrose store off Bertie Road and modifications to the surrounding road system including implementation of one-way traffic system, traffic calming measures such as road narrowing and a road hump, provision of a ghost island right turn lane into Waverley Road from Warwick Road, a new Zebra crossing on Station Road and a new Puffin crossing on Priory Road

Construction started on Monday 19th May 2008 and are now completed. The contractor for the highway works was Weldon Plant Ltd.

The work was planned to be coordinate with the major sewerage work being carried out by Severn-Trent Water, to keep traffic disruption to a minimum. The one-way traffic system is being implemented following the completion of Severn Trent’s work in Waverley Road, and the works on Priory Road and at the Waverley Road / Warwick Road junction are being carried out whilst there is less traffic in the area due to the Severn Trent closure of Warwick Road.

Below are drawings indicating the scheme proposals. You can view an Acrobat file of the plans by clicking the following links. The size of the files vary from 290 up to 1.1mb and depending on the speed of your connection, may take a while to download.

Talisman Square general layout (pdf, 1.1mb)

General arrangement drawing 1 of 2 (pdf, 773kb)

General arrangement drawing 2 of 2 (pdf, 592kb)

Priory Road puffin crossing (pdf, 290kb)

For general enquiries please contact highwaydesign@warwickshire.gov.uk or telephone 01926 476822.


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