Nuneaton Development Project Phase 3 – Improvements to Roanne Ringway

This was a Major Project funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) with a contribution from Warwickshire County Council.

The works involved widening both sides of A444 Roanne Ringway to create two lanes anti-clockwise from Corporation Street Roundabout to the signalised junction with Queens Road. This will allow buses and other traffic to pass queuing right turning traffic waiting to turn into Queens Road. A bus gate was introduced at the end of Upper Abbey Street for inbound buses controlled by the bus activating a pedestrian signal on Roanne Ringway / Abbey Street which will stop traffic on the ring-road allowing the bus to turn left. The bus gate exit was monitored after opening and found to being abused by a minority of road users even thought it is clearly signed as ‘no entry’ and ‘bus only’. To deter this misuse which is against the law, a red light camera has been installed and offenders using the bus gate will be fined. All fines go to central government and not Warwickshire County Council.

Stagecoach have been granted permission to revise services to use Abbey Street and the bus gate which will commence on the 23rd February 2009. Other authorised community service providers are also able to use this facility.

A combined cycleway / footway was created from the Harefield Road Roundabout on Newtown Road to Corporation Street Roundabout, Coton Road Roundabout on to Church Street Roundabout with appropriate modifications to existing signal equipment and installation of new traffic signals to cater for cyclists and pedestrians movements. Lengths of the cycleway / footway have already been constructed in earlier Phases of the development project or by private developers which have been formally signed and extended around this part of the ring-road. Bus priority has been introduced at the Queens Road junction. Provision of cycle stands at various locations around the town centre were also part of the works.

Details of the Phase 3 project (pdf, 2.8mb)

Detailed plan of the improvements to Roanne Ringway (pdf, 1.2mb)

The scheme was approved by Nuneaton and Bedworth Area Committee at its meeting on the 28th March 2007 and has also been confirmed by Cabinet on the 7th June 2007. The works were carried out by Carillion Highway Maintenance Limited. The scheme was substantially completed in July 2008

For more information please email Highway Design Feedback or telephone 01926 416822.


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