Bidford Flood Culverts Replacement

Work on the replacement of the flood culverts was fully completed in January 2009.

The closure of Honeybourne Road allowed for replacement of two flood culverts beneath the road that links the River Avon flood plain. The existing culverts needed to be replaced as repair would have cost considerably more than replacement. Therefore replacement was the safest and most cost effective solution. The new culverts are of modern concrete pipes to carry flood water and have a blue lias stone exterior which is sympathetic to the nearby bridge.

This is one of a number of ongoing projects in the County Councils bridge maintenance programme to repair or replace old structures on the highway network for which Warwickshire County Council have a legal responsibility, with a modern design that will serve future generations. The Environment Agency have been fully consulted in the improvements and have agreed to the works.

The works were carried out by R & C Williams who are well known throughout the West Midlands for the efficiency and quality of their construction works.


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